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Ovulation TestOvulation Test
Ovulation TestOvulation TestOvulation TestOvulation TestOvulation TestOvulation TestOvulation TestOvulation TestOvulation Test


Ovulation Test



In every cycle there are only a few days when a woman can conceive, so having sex on these days is very important if you are trying to get pregnant. 

1 in 2 couples could be trying to conceive on the wrong days of the woman's cycle.

The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test detects the rise of the ovulation hormone LH (luteinizing hormone) 24-36 hours prior to ovulation and identifies the 2 best days to conceive in a given cycle. It's more accurate than calendar and temperature methods and gives you unmistakably clear results on a digital display.

 Accuracy you can trust

Over 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge

Smart enough to adapt to your personal cycle

Gives you a clear smiley face in the result window when your LH surge has been detected, identifying your 2 best days to try for a baby.

Get your answer quickly

Get clear digital results in just 3 minutes.

Reassurance that the test is working

Unique flashing test stick symbol shows you the test is working.

Reusable reader works for more than one LH surge


1. Please read the instructions before you begin

- You need to know your usual cycle length before you start, to ensure you test at the right time 

- To determine your cycle length, count the day period starts (first day of full menstrual flow) as Day 1, and continue counting through to the day BEFORE your next period starts – the number of days is your cycle length.

- Once you know your cycle length, use the table below to find out when to start testing:

Your cycle length in days 21 or less 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 or more
Start testing on the day next to your cycle length 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 17 days before

- You can test at any time of the day, but you should test at the same time of day each day.

- Try not to urinate for four hours before you do the ovulation test, and you should avoid excessive fluid intake before testing – you might find it easier to use the first urine of the day.

2. Get the ovulation test ready

- Remove the ovulation test stick from the foil wrapper.

- Remove the cap

- Before applying urine to the ovulation test stick it must be inserted into the test holder.

- Align the pink arrow on the ovulation test stick with the pink arrow on the test holder and insert until it clicks into place.

- Wait for the 'test ready' symbol to appear and take the ovulation test immediately.

3. Take the test

- Place the Absorbent Sampler pointing downwards in your urine stream for 5 to 7 seconds.

- Or collect a sample of your urine in a clean, dry container. Dip the absorbent tip in the urine for 15 seconds.

 - Do not get the test holder wet.

4. Wait for 3 minutes

- Keep the sampler pointing downwards or lay the Test Stick flat. Throughout testing never hold the test with the absorbent tip pointing upwards.

- After 20 to 40 seconds the 'test ready' symbol will start flashing to show the ovulation test is working.

- Do not eject the ovulation test stick before you get your result.

- Replace the ovulation test stick's cap and wait for 3 minutes.

5. Read your results

Within 3 minutes the Display will show your result.

No LH surge: If you get a 'blank circle', the test hasn't detected your LH surge. Test again at the same time tomorrow using a new ovulation test stick.

LH surge: A 'smiley face' means you've detected your LH surge. Your 2 most fertile days are today and tomorrow so having sex in the next 48 hours will maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

- Once you have read your final result eject the ovulation test stick and throw it away.

- Your result can only be read on the test holder display - you cannot determine your result from any lines on the ovulation test stick.

- Your result will remain on the display for 8 minutes.

- Do not re-insert a used ovulation test stick.

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