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Anti-Aging Express Mask 10MLAnti-Aging Express Mask 10ML
Anti-Aging Express Mask 10ML


Anti-Aging Express Mask 10ML


Resultime Collagen Anti-Aging Express Mask offers skin an instant refreshing and radiance boost. Its formula with Plumping Collagens, as concentrated as a serum and super-boosted with Native Collagen, diffuses its powerful benefits, supported by the expertise of the high-tech bio cellulose tissue. In just 10 minutes, skin appears smoother and fuller.

Benefits of Resultime Collagen Anti-Aging Express Mask:

• The key ingredient in this mask is collagen.
• Resultime has formulated the serum for this mask with three different plumping collagens.
• Thus, it contains vectorized micro-collagen, native collagen and pro-collagen.
• The result is hydrated, smooth and plump skin.

Application of Resultime Collagen Anti-Aging Express Mask:

  1. Apply this single-use mask once or twice a week.
    It is wrapped in 2 protective films to preserve its freshness and effectiveness.
  2. Unfold it carefully using the white mesh, then remove this protective mesh.
  3. Apply to dry skin, with the moist side against your face.
  4. Adjust and smooth to mould to the facial contours.
  5. Remove the blue film on the outside by carefully unpeeling it using the cut-outs located close to the ears.
  6. Smooth again.
  7. Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove the mask and make light smoothing movements to encourage penetration of excess product.
  8. Complete your skincare routine with the other Plumping Collagen products.

Key Ingredients:

This mask also contains two moisturizing active ingredients: glycerin and hyaluronic acid.
Glycerin also provides a smoothing effect, and hyaluronic acid a plumping action.
It also provides protective sea lettuce extract and extract of Chlorella vulgaris, a micro-algae, which will nourish the skin.

Resultime, a collagen expert and pioneer, was one of the first French laboratories to identify it as the key molecule for youthful skin: The Vectorised Micro-Collagen.

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