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The Swimproof Activity Tracker for Kids 6+, Fitbit Ace 2™The Swimproof Activity Tracker for Kids 6+, Fitbit Ace 2™
The Swimproof Activity Tracker for Kids 6+, Fitbit Ace 2™The Swimproof Activity Tracker for Kids 6+, Fitbit Ace 2™


The Swimproof Activity Tracker for Kids 6+, Fitbit Ace 2™



ALL-DAY ACTIVITY RECORD Fitbit Ace 2 tracks all-day steps and active minutes to show how every move, skip and jump adds up to a healthier, more active life
• COMFORTABLE & SECURE Kids love to move, so Ace 2 is designed for up, down, all-around action with a silicone band and an adjustable clasp
• BANDS & ACCESSORIES Kids can express themselves by styling their tracker and switching out their band with interchangeable accessories that have fun patterns and bold colours
• Sold separately
• BEDTIME REMINDERS & ALARMS Use the Fitbit app to schedule bedtime reminders and silent alarms that easily wake kids to quiet buzzing on their wrists
• TIMER & STOPWATCH Use timer & stopwatch features right on kids’ wrists to guide homework time, any “race you to the end of the block” invitations and more
• 60 MINUTES OF ACTIVITY The WHO recommends kids get 60 minutes of daily physical activity, so Ace 2 includes a 1-hour active minutes goal which can be customised in the app
• FUN INCENTIVES With virtual badges and avatars, kids have constant motivation to get moving with their family and find new ways to beat their friends
• CLOCK FACES Kids can easily swap the clock faces on their Ace 2 so the touchscreen looks exactly the way they like it best
• Animated clock faces require more frequent charging
• ON-SCREEN DASHBOARD An on-screen dashboard consolidates all the key activity tracking kids need to build healthy habits they’ll use for a lifetime

• REMINDERS TO MOVE In Kid View, parents can set friendly reminders for kids to move & stretch their legs if they’ve been sitting in one spot for too long
• Reminders on-device
• CALL ALERTS Kids who own a smartphone will love getting call notifications on their wrists—and parents will love how much easier it is to get in touch
• UP TO 5 DAYS OF BATTERY With a battery life of up to 5 days, Fitbit Ace 2 lets kids spend less time charging and more time moving
•FITBIT APP: KID VIEW Through the Kid View, kids can only see limited data like their stats, badges and clock face options
•  SLEEP TRACKING Ace 2 lets you know if kids are getting the rest they need since good sleep habits play a big role in their health and well-being
•  WIRELESS SYNC Fitbit Ace 2 connects to 200+ Android, iOS & Windows 10 devices to give a full picture of your child’s health and wellness


Find useful tools in the Fitbit app Use the Fitbit app, smartwatches & trackers to find features to reach your goals and get a clearer picture of your health. Track Exercise Set Goals Log Food Measure Hydration

• WATER-RESISTANT TO 50M Since Ace 2 is water resistant to 50M, kids can wear it in the shower, pool and beyond
• Of course, spills and splashes are A-OK
• FITBIT APP: PARENT VIEW Parents set up a family account and create child accounts accordingly
• In Parent View, they can easily see kids’ activity and approve their connections
• The family account and parental consent is required for children under 13 or any higher minimum age in your country
• Only Fitbit Ace 2, Fitbit Ace and MobileTrack may be connected to a child account


• SIMPLE BUTTON & TOUCHSCREEN With one easy button and a backlit display, it’s easy for kids to navigate and see stats

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