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Portable Air Doctor effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses

The Power of Solid Chloride dioxide

  • Strong Antibacterial Effect: Solid chloride dioxide has two and a half times more oxidizing power than general chlorine agents used for disinfectant. Effectively eliminates bacteria, mold, etc.
  • Strong Deodorization: During oxidation, gives off chlorine oxide gas, and it decomposes hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan and other causes of bad odor emitted from the septic matter.
  • Safe to Use: United Nations Food Committee approved Solid Chloride dioxide as Class A-1 which is in the same category as sugar and salt.

How to use: Remove the product from the packaging and peel off the sticker. Use attached clip to hang from the chest pocket, bag, etc.

Once opened, effective for up to one month. Effective period may differ under different circumstances


• Do not ingest the product. Do not use for any other purposes.
• Less likely to be effective outdoors in windy conditions. More effective under shelter.
• Immediately stop use of the product if you experience any adverse effects.
• If ingested, drink plenty of water and try to disgorge the product. Immediately seek medical advice.
• In case of skin and eye contact, wash with plenty of water. Seek medical advice if needed.
• May cause corrosion and rust if used on or near metal objects.
• Avoid contact with water.
• Do not use near naked flame or sources of ignition. Avoid high temperatures and direct

Stronger instantaneous effects than sodium hypochlorite: 2.6-fold higher oxidative activity than chlorine and 10-100-fold stronger instantaneous effects

Effects are hardly reduced by coexisting ammonia and organic substances.

• Store in a sealed container when not in use.


For Eldery and Children who has low immunity
For Hospital Staff, Medical Cadre & Medical Institutions
Gathering places.
If you have High Fever
At office
For who can catch cold easily.
In the Car


Properties of chlorine dioxide
- Chemical formula: ClO2
- Molecular weight: 67.45
- Boiling/melting points: 11o
- Relative density: 2.33 (11o
C, air = 1.0)
- Color: yellow red
- Odor: peculiar odor similar to that of chlorine
- Water solubility: highly soluble (about 2,600 ppm under standard conditions, 0.8 g/100 ml · 20o

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